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Album Features
UPC 801061009229
Artist Aphex Twin
Format CD
Release Year 2017
Record Label Warp
Genre Electronic, Electronica
Number Of Discs 2
Playing Time 101 min.
Distributor Redeye Music Distribution
Recording Type Studio
SPAR Code n/a
Track Listing
Disc 1 1. Jynweythek, 2. Vordhosbn, 3. Kladfvgbung Micshk, 4. Omgyjya-Switch7, 5. Strotha Tynhe, 6. Gwely Mernans, 7. Bbydhyonchord, 8. Cock/Ver10, 9. Avril 14th, 10. Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount, 11. Gwarek2, 12. Orban Eq Trx4, 13. Aussois, 14. Hy A Scullyas Lyf A Dhagrow, 15. Kesson Dalef, 16. 54 Cymru Beats, 17. Btoum-Roumada, 18. Lornaderek, 19. QKThr, 20. Meltphace 6, 21. Bit 4, 22. Prep Gwarlek 3b, 23. Father, 24. Taking Control, 25. Petiatil Cx Htdui, 26. Ruglen Holon, 27. Afx237 V.7, 28. Ziggomatic 17, 29. Beskhu3epnm, 30. Nanou 2

Additional Information from Movie Mars

Product Description Aphex Twin is Richard D. James.It's tempting to imagine Richard James holed up in his basement for years on end, concocting foaming aural experiments to try out on unsuspecting listeners, and he certainly does little to dispel that image here. His past musical output has varied from the gentle but weird, to the baffling, to the ghastly, and with DRUKQS he manages to combine all the aforementioned in a compelling yet unsettling mix that is never less than fascinating. The tracks are listed on the booklet, but not necessarily in the same order they appear on the album, and moreover James seems to have developed his own language somewhere along the way, so we're left to our own devices to figure things out.Like some demented baseball pitcher, James constantly varies his stylings, now pastoral acoustic piano, now impossibly fast breakbeat techno garage, now weird hollers from behind the basement door. He keeps the listener constantly off balance (at one point including a Stephen Hawking-like voice reading snippets of Goldilocks and the Three Bears); it's a wild, strange ride, but it's consistently fascinating to hear what comes next. About Movie Mars
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