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Check out my other stuff. I combine shipping for multiple purchases. How do you sum up a massive catalogue like Keith Jarrett's output for ECM - which as of the mid-1990s, numbered over 50 individual discs - on one slim little CD? You can't. Even so, this collection of seven so-called "works" - four of which are actually excerpts of "works" - borders on the bizarre. All the browser gets are three solo piano pieces torn from Facing You, Staircase and The Sun Bear Concerts, two numbers with Jarrett's European quartet from My Song, the second movement of his string quartet, and a swatch from the organ/soprano sax work, Invocations. There is nothing from the volatile American quartet; the best solo piano recordings, the Köln Concert and Solo Concerts: Bremen/Lausanne, are ignored; and most astonishingly for an CD reissued in 1992, there is nothing after 1980 - which means no Standards trio, etc. etc. You would think that ECM might at least fill the CD up to near its capacity but no, this one clocks in at a niggardly 43:09. True, at least the programming is unpredictable (one wonders if a mischievous Jarrett personally supervised the selection). But as an introduction to an important jazz artist, this simply will not do. 1 Country - Keith Jarrett 2 Ritooria - Keith Jarrett 3 The Journey Home - Keith Jarrett 4 Staircase, Pt. 2 - Keith Jarrett 5 String Quartet (2nd Movement) - Keith Jarrett 6 Invocations (Recognition) - Keith Jarrett 7 Nagoya, Pt. 2B (Encore) - Keith Jarrett

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ECM Works - Keith Jarrett CD

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